Traversing the Frequencies, Psychic Shield and Psycho-Spiritual Healing (also known as PsAR)


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COVID 19 Statement is at the bottom of the page.

Starting Throughout 2024


Initially of 1 year duration this workshop may also be taken over 2 years with the content for each level spread over 2 workshop dates.

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PsAR 2023 Highlights

China & via Live Stream Psycho-Spiritual Healing WorkshopBy CMA FellowGuy Steven NeedlerBased upon the content of my book of the same title – Also calledPhysio-Spiritual Alighnment and Reprogramming

(PsAR) in China

Please use THIS LINK to see the workshop content

This workshop is accredited by the Complimentary Medical Association

AnAquarian AgeWorkshopVenue: Live Stream with the final week for Level 4 in Beijing China(L4 can be live stream for those who can’t travel)For more information

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22nd, 23rd & 24th March 2024 Switzerland Traversing the Frequencies’ Levels 1, 2 & 3 Intensive/ Compressed WorkshopPlus Psychic Shield Venue: Swiss- French boarder area, Switzerland

Please contact

Sabrina Wyss-Chen

Email: Sabrina via

30th & 31st March 2024


Two 1 Day Workshops

Psychic Shield


Basic Energy Healing


Based upon Barbara Brennans Work

Free Lecture Thursday 28th March 7:30pm at Zavedanje on……

“The Ascension Process and the New Earth”

The new earth was first proposed by Dolores Cannon , this lecture takes the understanding further.



Stara cesta 2 1360

Vrhnika – Slovenia

Contact Matjaz for more information


Tickets are available



Help the Ascension by learning to traverse the higher frequencies and personally communicate with God

Traversing the Frequencies -‘Discovering Pathways to Ascension’

The “Traversing the Frequencies” Workshops are designed to teach the truth seeker the methods I developed to enable me to communicate with entities in the higher energetic realms and with the Source Entity, the entity we call God. This ultimately led to my communicating with “The Origin” – the creator of our Source Entity.

The Source Entity, our ‘God’, created the multiverse as an all-inclusive, multifunctional, structured environment, giving it everything necessary for its sentient creations (those smaller individualised units of itself) including  incarnate mankind, to experience, learn and subsequently evolve. This evolutionary content is both maintained by our energetic selves and is passed on to the Source Entity, which is in turn, maintains and passes it on to the Sources  creator – The Origin.
One of the primary reasons for evolutionary growth is therefore to experience learn & evolve in any way possible, including the ability to achieve self-realisation whilst being incarnate. A function leading to full self-realisation, and indeed communion with the Source Entity, is the ability to divorce ourselves from the constraints of the physical vehicle, through meditation or other practises thus allowing us to project our consciousness out of the physical and into the energetic reality of the Source Entities Multiverse at will.
‘The processes contained within the workshops teach the student how to raise their frequencies to the levels required to visit those levels where other energetic entities reside.

Level 1 Workshop
Teaches the method for experiencing the frequencies up to frequency level 14.
Level 2 Workshop
Continues teaching the methods to traverse up to level 100, where the student can also commence a dialogue with the Source Entity.
Level 3 Workshop
Post Level 2, progressive work is required, including logging and presenting personal practice before attending Level 3, where the student will be taught to Traverse all levels of our Source Entities Multiverse.

Level 1 and Level 2 Workshop Overview

  • A 30-40 minute lecture on Guy’s history & journey to date  and explanation of the Structure of the Multiverse. Followed by a questions and answers session.(Level 1 only)
  • A series of guided personal and paired exercises teaching the stages of Guy’s method to Traverse the Frequencies.
  • Group discussions of personal experiences
  • Guided meditation exercises relative to the structure of God’s Universe and how to traverse it to communicate with other spiritual beings and God.

Level One and Two Certificates This course is available as a single day workshop for Level One Certificate or a two day course for Level One and Level Two Certificates.

Level 3 Workshop Overview

  • Feed Back and sharing of experiences since passing Level 2 Workshop e.g. Difficulties, concerns, successes, Entities met.
  • Re-visit Illustration of Gods Multiverse – Source Entities, Dimensions, Dimensional Components, Frequencies
  • Experiential work up to level 100
  • Experiential work up to Level Use of lift strategy for all levels to 408
  • Group feedback.Certificate Level Three

Course duration is 1 day.

** Beyond the Source COVID19 Statement **

In this challenging time in world history it is best to stay calm and high frequency. Panicking does not help and causes mass hysteria. One way to remain calm, collected and high frequency is to perform the chakra opening exercises, links to which are below.

Chakra Opening Exercises PDF
Chakra Opening Exercises Audio

Please share them with others as you see fit.

However, from the physical perspective…

This is a new virus for humanity and everybody’s immune system has to develop antibodies. Corona virus Symptoms are a cough, temperature and breathing problems but most people seem to just have a mild cold or feel under the weather.

Mortality is 2-4% depending on test, country, how many people are actually being tested.

Apparently, older people, and people with underlying problems (for example: immunosuppression, recent chemotherapy, lung disease etc. are at higher risk, children seem to be ok).

Therefore: anybody with symptoms should not turn up at Beyond the Source seminars or events just in case one is infected with corona virus (although risk is low to moderate unless one has just travelled from a high-risk area).

If one has symptoms stay at home, ring your local health service for advice. In the UK they will come to the house and test you if they feel it is necessary.

Do not go to the GP or hospital unless you have serious problems and even then, it’s better to ring 111 in the UK, or your equivalent number in your location. The GP may arrange direct hospital admission rather than potentially infecting the GP practice.

Sweat does not transmit the virus but the droplets from coughing or saliva do. It is of most importance not to cough or sneeze into the open air, instead cough or sneeze into a paper tissue, dispose of the tissue appropriately and wash your hands immediately for a minimum of 20 seconds.

During seminars or events, we should avoid sticking our fingers in our mouths, nose or eyes.

Use sanitizer whenever possible.

In the UK refer to the UK Gov, NHS website for further guidance.


Your local equivalent.

Namaste and Blessings


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